Do you have too much clutter? Do you need to organize your home?

Are you downsizing into a new living space and don't know what to keep?

Are you bored with your interiors but can't afford a total renovation?

At JumpStart Interior Design we focus on helping clients refresh and redefine their home interiors for everyday living. Our interior design services include declutter and downsizing plans, redesign plans using existing furniture and accessories, space plans for renovations and additions, along with furniture, fixture, material, and color plans for the DIY. 


"Initially, I contacted Leann to help my family deal with the challenges of living in a small house and the need to utilize our space more effectively. We wanted the family computer moved to a central location and also needed to create more space in my daughter’s bedroom. After listening to my concerns, Leann devised a clear plan to rearrange pre-existing furniture and to create a roomier floor plan that met our immediate needs. Needless to say, my family couldn’t be happier with the end result. Our home is now more functional and roomy, and the extra bonus is that it is more visually pleasing as well! We are extremely happy with the results. Leann was punctual, professional, realistic, and kept in contact throughout our project. I highly recommend her services!" ~ Cathy Gamboa
"My bedroom was too crowded and I did not have the space I needed to get around and wanted more space for playing. We followed Leann’s floor plan idea and I love my new room! I have easier access to my closet, more room to relax and have friends over, and a better area to do my homework. I love my new room!" ~ Preteen Daughter

Let your interiors reflect your personality because your home is your castle.

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Leann Anderson, Certified Interior Designer, Santa Barbara, CA